Berry Planting Party

April started with the snow melting and the temps staying mostly above freezing. Half of the plants came on Wednesday and the other half arrived the next day. On Saturday the 18th, we had a planting party. My parents came up to help, as well as my neighbors David and Barney. The rest of our crew, Lisa, the Broskys: Kristin, Mike, Dakota, and Ani, Dan, Phinn, and my favorite farmer Mimi, made the work go by so quickly! 300 plants! Without all that help It would have taken me a week! Thanks everyone.

2 responses to “Berry Planting Party

  1. >Way to go, Jeff! I hope your real farm is as wonderful as the dreams and drawings you made in Guinea.

  2. >Sounds like a good time, wish I could have been there! Love you guys, happy growing!

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