June and July

As usual it’s been a busy month. Weeds were pulled, watering cans emptied, and a rose bed was dug.

The field saw many visitors this June and July. Rachel and Jeremy rolled through. Professional photographer Britten Traughber and Burt came and snapped some shots.

And then there was our Employee of the Month, Steve Devoe. Steve worked in the heat and the rain, digging, weeding, mowing, and hauling water. Without his help I’d still be scrambling to keep up. Thank you so much. We’ll miss you.
One of a farmers most frequently addressed topics, it seems, is the weather. From the weekend when we put the plants in the ground until the very end of June it had been too dry. Then we started getting rain… and more and more rain. In the last two weeks we got almost 5 inches of rain! That’s more than the average for July. Now It looks like we’re getting back to a more normal weather pattern. The plants didn’t seem to be bothered. They’re all growing splendidly! It looks like we’re going to have a small crop (5 pints?) of raspberries this year.

Well, back to work. I saw some weeds in the rhubarb patch.

One response to “June and July

  1. >Oh! Monroe! He's just too, too cute!

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