Cabin fever

What does a berry farmer do when the growing season ends? As it turns out, a whole lot! There was pruning to do, plowing and bed prep for the new plants arriving in the spring, and picking up everything I didn’t want buried under snow until April. I took a break for the holidays and then I began planning for the spring: when to start lavender seeds? Husk cherry seeds? How much bone meal to put in the raspberries? Greensand for the Blueberries?

This year we have two kids to care for (one of which would love to paint on or rip up my papers) and it’s hard to stay organized but I love what I’m doing. Gardening might be an obsession. I think about soil and living, growing things, and farmers markets all the time. Some people count sheep to drift off at night; I plant things. Maybe it’s not an obsession, just excitement and so much anticipation for the big season ahead.

2 responses to “Cabin fever

  1. >Hey there, Glad I finally got my act in gear and started following you! I did make my cold frame– I started with an old storm window and a picture from a book called Stocking Up, and basically winged it. It worked wonderfully last year.

  2. >so what have you been up to now that spring has come? More posts!

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