Planting Party 2010

Spring came early and surprised me.  I was still dreaming, still digging in imaginary gardens when, on a hot day in April, this year’s new plants arrived. They went into big picnic coolers for a few days to wait for planting day.
Our dedicated crew of volunteers at this year’s planting party worked cheerfully despite the sudden onset of cold and wet weather. In no time everything was in the ground.
With plenty of time before dinner, we turned to an equally large task: mulching. 
The work we did in one day would have taken me weeks on my own. It was a great day on the farm, and then a wonderful dinner back at the house where Sarah had cooked up a feast.
Thank you Mimi,
 Kristin, Mike, Dakota, Ani,
Dan, Justine, Phinn, Syl
Jude, Barney, Debra, David,
Aaron, Taber,
and Sarah.

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