Blueberry Blossoms

It’s June already, and we’re hard at work.  The raspberry trellises have been strung, ground cherry beds dug, and weeds held at bay – at least for now.
 And again I had the unfortunate task of having to pull off all the blueberry flowers I could find.  This redirects the plant’s energy to root development and vigorous growth.  It is a shame though, to look at handfuls of would-be berries picked and left on the ground.  
Oh well.  I pass a group of old blueberry bushes every time I go over to the pond.  They form a glossy green wall about six feet high and 15 feet long, and I imagine what my little twiggy bushes will look like in a few years.  Perhaps I’ll be buried in blueberries and think back longingly to more manageable times.  More likely I’ll revel in the abundance.
Well, I hear the witch grass growing.  I’d better get back to work.

One response to “Blueberry Blossoms

  1. >Goodness! Where is that little baby I met a few months ago? Love the muddy knees (and the cowlick). Are blueberry flowers edible? I've heard of mixing elderflowers into pancake batter, maybe the same could be done with blueberry flowers?

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