We’re in the Berries

It’s been a long time since our last post, but that doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening.  Just like usual, winter gave way to spring and the farm slowly woke up.  When I saw the raspberry trellises crushed from the weight of the snow and all the snapped canes in the mud in the rows I was kind of bummed.  Yet by mid June things were looking green and healthy.  I re-attached the trellis cross bars with big 4 inch lag screws.  When my brother, Jeremy, came up for for a week we manured the beds and got ahead of the weeds.  Then my dad helped with the weeds a few weeks later.  I looked around and said to myself, “well another year out here and I’ve gotten my work done.”  Little did I know that the work had only just begun.  When the raspberries came ripe they bent the canes down low and folded them over the trellis lines, pendulously swaying with fruit.  I picked for market only to find 2 days later that I had even more raspberries!

3 responses to “We’re in the Berries

  1. Raspberry wine. Yummy

  2. Sharon Voorhees

    Wish I had some of your berries. Was picking at least a pint a day for a week, then drought and berries are done!. Would really love some currants, too. Looks like all is going well. Love, Aunt Sharon (want to make jelly).

  3. I was here and thanks for the shout out.

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