Last Work to do in the Berry Patch


With summer long gone and little drifts of snow to be found in sheltered places, I thought that all the work at the berry patch would have been done.  But I was wrong.  I found myself out there the other week with an axe in hand and a rake beside me.

I had been trying to figure out how to mulch my tender blackberry plants while clearing debris from the side of the field, when I found a young plum tree half choked by a honeysuckle bush and overshadowed by a big pine tree. I happen to have a free source for baby plum trees and I began to envision a little plum grove around this new discovery.  Of course the honeysuckle and the pine would have to go.  That’s when it struck me!  Pine boughs, laid along the tops of my blackberries could be a marvelous winter mulch.DSC09392

With this last task done and my tools and hoses put away for the winter, it was time to leave the berry patch until next spring.  Now begins the season of planning and dreaming and catalog browsing.  But before all that,  a little fun!xmass and balance beam

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